CUX Course Exam 2021


The exam will go live at Midnight, Central European Time, on October 15th 2021.

Refresh this page closer to the time.

Please read the following instructions carefully before you begin the exam

The exam is composed of a 103 question quiz that must be completed within 2 hours of starting it. 

Do not start the exam unless you are prepared to finish it within 2 hours.

The quiz is divided into 3 sections, one for each of the course units. Each section has questions that span the range of topics taught for that unit. Some questions are worth more than 1 point. The maximum number of points you can be awarded is 120. 

  • Fun. CUX has 26 questions across 6 topics.
  • App. CUX has 39 questions across 8 topics
  • Adv. CUX has 38 questions across 7 topics

You must answer all questions in order to finish the exam. However, if you become stuck on to a question, click “Review Question” and then select the next question in the list at the top of the screen. You can then go back and answer the question later.

Try your best and good luck!