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The Clinical User Experience Association

The world's leading authority on healthcare User Experience (UX)



We provide events, training and networking opportunities to improve the use and access of healthcare technology and services


Our network is made up of professionals working across industries that still impact health and well being of people around the world. By working together, we all develop our skills and knowledge, with the output of our efforts reaching far and wide.


Medically trained individuals, including doctors, nurses, physiotherapists and more.

UX specialists

People who focus on the experiences people have when using technology services.

IT Professionals

These professionals include software developers as well as  project/programme managers

Latest articles

Integrating technology into the gym experience

Integrating technology into the gym experience

The launch of the Apple watch, plus other wearable devices which more effectively track health and fitness, got me thinking about research I conducted into how people use technology when they are exercising in the gym. The gym environment poses some interesting...

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UX & Understanding Digital Competency

UX & Understanding Digital Competency

If you asked practitioners or non-practitioners, what they believe UX really is, you will get many definitions and references to a variety of practices. This is partly due to the fact that so many fields saw the value in user experience, and adjusted their approaches...

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Designing Digital Health & Tech the Human Centred Way

Designing Digital Health & Tech the Human Centred Way

Digital health & tech is big business. In 2017, the global digital health and tech market is valued at $135.9 billion USD1, of which $24 billion USD is for the mobile health market alone1. Secretary of Health, Jeremy Hunt announced in early 2016 that £4.2...

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We recognise that optimising the usability, accessibility and happiness people have when interacting with healthcare technology and services is vital in maintaining health and well being for all.

We have three core values

We stand for Healthcare UX

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Our strength is our members

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We Learn, we share, we grow

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